A Prelude and Forum

Greetings Mount Church family!

As Elders, we are constantly discussing many different topics that relate to our church and how to continue along the journey of growth upon which God has us. We rejoice in what He has already done and look forward to what He will continue to do in our body. I hope you are excited about the future too!

Two of the areas we have been discussing recently are the celebration of the Lord’s supper and baptism. Both are important elements of our faith, and both need Scriptural grounding for us to most faithfully practice them and function as a healthy, unified church. From our conversations with you, we know that we are not alone in being interested in this topic. There have been several members asking us about when we will take the Lord’s supper next, and they have encouraged us to do it soon, since it was done rather infrequently in the past.

It is our heart’s desire to do just that, but we also have the responsibility to make sure the church body is clear on what Scripture says about the celebration of His table, and how it applies to us as individuals in the context of our local church. Further, the ordinance of baptism is tied to the Supper. They go together. In light of that, we will be writing about these topics, and our desire is for this to be a forum that supports asking questions and having them answered. Hopefully, this will provide the clarity and equipment we all need in a timely manner!

Aiming to serve and bless the Mount Church.


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