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TMC family,

We’re excited to begin a regular schedule of celebrating the Lord’s Supper (communion) together. We will practice the Lord’s Supper for the first time on Sunday, April 5. From that point moving forward, we will take the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of every month. In preparation for this, as it’s all our desire to equip us all, by God’s grace, to best understand the ordinances (or sacraments) by the light of Scripture and biblical wisdom, we plan to put out a short series of posts over the next two months on baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

In addition, we will be holding what we’re going to call discipleship quarterlies. Once per quarter, we’ll gather as a church on a Sunday evening to cover a wide-variety of subjects related to biblical doctrine, church history, cultural engagement, and missions. Our first scheduled discipleship quarterly is Sunday evening, March 29 (we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper the following Sunday). The subject for that quarterly will be doctrinal in nature and cover ‘baptism and the Lord’s Supper.’ This will have both teaching and talking elements, more like a Sunday school class than a sermon in corporate worship.

Again, the goal is to be as biblically clear as we can be on the prudence, beauty, usefulness, and details of these two practices that Jesus has ordained for our encouragement and growth in grace as a church. There is much confusion, presently and historically, in doctrine and practice, to say the least. Our hope, however, while readily confessing our fallibility as human beings, is to dig into God’s infallible Word and dig out a most faithful understanding of these things that enhances our corporate practice of them. We want fully-informed minds begetting fully-rejoicing hearts as we, in spiritual unity and with holy accountability, remember the Lord’s death until He comes again!

So beginning next week, you can be expecting a post on Slack, once weekly (or maybe more!), through the end of March. They’ll start with instruction on baptism and move into the Lord’s Supper. Would you please pray for us as we search the Scriptures to this end for the uttermost benefit of our church—we know you will, and we thank God for that confidence in you.

Devoted to the Scriptural display of Christ’s glory in and through you,
TMC elders

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