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All Together In One Place

Over the past couple months, we have been teaching here on church ordinances, namely baptism and the Lord’s supper. You can always review the blog history to read, but this post will serve as a table of contents for those posts. Happy study!

Looking forward to gathering (in person!) soon, Lord willing. Praying for you to grow in faith and in the knowledge of the love of our great savior, Jesus Christ!


I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

I had the pleasure (or something like that) of re-hearing this song earlier in the week. Coming so soon on the heels of this past Sunday’s message by Brian Mahon, I was struck by the connection between Job’s cries for God to speak, and the picture of Christ’s suffering for Job. This, combined with the picture of Eliphaz’ misreading of Job’s lament and Peterson’s own words:

And if a man has got to listen to the voices of the mob
Who are reeling in the throes of all the happiness they’ve got
When they tell you all their troubles have been nailed up to that cross
Then what about the times when even followers get lost?
‘Cause we all get lost sometimes…

The Silence of God

All I can offer is a sincere, “Thank you, Jesus,” for mercy, for love, for community, for daily needs cared for and for His faithfulness when mine is found lacking. He is is wonderful savior.