Detailing Our Practice of the Lord’s Supper

Well, we’ve arrived! In this last post of our series, I want to simply detail how we will practice the Lord’s Supper in the context of our corporate worship.

  1. We will practice the Supper just after the sermon. The preacher will close the sermon in prayer, then lead into our family ‘meal.’
  2. He (or perhaps another one of our pastors) will give a biblical description of the Lord’s Supper according to much of what we have tried to detail about it in these posts. Together, we want to feel the gravity and gladness of this ordinance.
  3. He will then ‘fence’ the table. Again, here’s how I will do this: ‘This meal is for (1) believers who have been (2) baptized (upon their profession of faith in Christ) and are (3) members (4) in good-standing with this local church or another Gospel-believing local church.’ I will then add a word to the unbeliever or any believer not fitting that description. To the unbeliever, that word is simply to come to Christ. This meal may pass you by, but don’t let Christ pass you by, etc. To the believer, it’s trickier but, essentially, that word is to bring your profession of faith into full obedience to the Word of Christ concerning (1) baptism, (2) membership, and/or (3) manner of life.
  4. At this point, in order to capture the celebratory nature of this ordinance, I will invite the musicians to come up. They will receive their portion of the bread and cup from those administering the Supper. They will then go to their instruments, and they will lead us in a song suitable to the Supper.
  5. When they begin to lead us in song, you may come as you are ready to receive your portion of the bread and cup. Most songs last at least 4 and half minutes, so if you’d like to sit a minute to reflect upon all the things detailed about Christ and His grace towards you, about your present life and relations in the church, etc., that would be the time to do it. Note, we will also remind you ‘week-of’ that we will be practicing the Lord’s Supper and to get your heart in order, so to speak.
  6. When you are ready, you may come forward, singing with joy in the Lord as you come!, take the elements, and return to your seat. Do not consume the elements yet! We will do that together as a show of our unity in Christ. In fact, once the song is over, the Supper-leader will read from one of the Last Supper accounts.
  7. When he does this, we will, in turn, take the bread and, then, the cup together.
  8. The Supper-leader will pray.
  9. We will close in final song. On ‘Lord’s Supper Sundays,’ the order of service will shift a bit. Really, the only difference is that we will sing 3 songs before the sermon instead of 4. The fourth song will be the song we sing during the Lord’s Supper. Our closing song will be our typically fifth and final song.


Looking forward to taking the Lord’s Supper with you all. Until then, continuing to aim only for fully-informed minds begetting fully-rejoicing hearts as we, in spiritual unity and with holy accountability, come to remember the Lord’s death until He comes again. Devoted to the most Scriptural display of Christ’s glory in and through you,

TMC elders

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